2020 Update
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Board of Governors decided it was in the best interests of the membership to cancel the 2020 tournament scheduled at The Greenbrier for August 23-25, 2020. 

A mid-year survey of the membership showed that only about half of the respondents were planning to or likely to attend the Annual Meeting and Tournament and that was before coronavirus infections started a second wave of infections.  The significantly reduced participation levels as well as the necessary social distancing and other personal protective practices precluded the Association from having the kind of event, that its membership is used to, can be proud of and really enjoy.

Following the introductions of available vaccines in the fall of 2020, working with the Greenbrier leadership team, the Association arranged for a Virginias Seniors Golf Association Spring Getaway.  This first of its kind Association event was held April 13-14, 2021. 

An informal outing, it was designed to provide an opportunity for a quick trip to The Greenbrier to play both of their iconic courses (without an Old White surcharge really making this a significant value) while being away from home for only one night.

Reports from the small cadre of Association members who played the Meadows course at 1:00 PM on Tuesday and the Old White at 10:00 AM Wednesday were very positive.  Those that attended really appreciated the opportunity for the getaway after more than a year of the pandemic restrictions.

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